Michael Hirn, convicted with “Monfils 6” for 1992 murder, gets parole

(WBAY – Action 2 News) Posted: Fri 2:11PM, Dec 07, 2018 – Updated: Fri 2:31 PM, Dec 07, 2018

GREEN BAY, Wis. – One of the six men convicted with conspiring in the murder of Tom Monfils at a Green Bay paper mill in 1992 is being released from prison this month.

Michael Hirn was granted parole after almost 24 years, the Wisconsin Department of Corrections said.

In its report, the parole commission said Hirn’s sentencing judge wrote a letter of support telling them Hirn should be paroled “at the earliest possible date.”

The commission called him a “model prisoner.” It said Hirn completed vocational programs and earned minimum community custody in 2015, and began working full- and part-time jobs. He’s also an animal handler providing therapy to dogs that have been traumatized.

Hirn is approved to live with his stepfather in Green Bay.

The so-called “Monfils 6” were convicted in 1995, three years after prosecutors say the six confronted Monfils for reporting a coworker, Keith Kutska, to police for stealing from the mill. Monfils disappeared, then his body was found weighted down in a pulp vat.

Three other defendants are still in prison. Michael Johnson has a parole hearing in March, Rey Moore’s parole hearing is in July. Kutska’s next hearing is in 2021.

Dale Basten died last June, nine months after being released from prison due to his failing health.

Mike Piaskowski’s conviction was overturned in 2001 by an appeals court that ruled there wasn’t enough evidence to prove his involvement.

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