Jared Manninen

My name is Jared Manninen, and I’m the creator of MonfilsCase.com. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Tom Monfils case. The reason I created Monfils Case is because I have an indirect link to the case thanks to the fact that my mother is Joan Treppa, a citizen advocate for the six men who were wrongfully convicted in the death of Tom Monfils. She is a central figure in the resurrection of the case, and for her efforts and perseverance I have the utmost respect and admiration. Compiling the information in a central location has aided her in getting the word out. It’s the least I can do.

Although this website provides information about the case, it is my firm belief that Mike Piaskowski, Keith Kutska, Dale Basten, Rey Moore, Michael Johnson, and Michael Hirn are all innocent of murdering Tom Monfils, and that Tom Monfils actually commit suicide on November 21, 1992. There just is no plausible reason why six random co-workers at any job would collectively decide to beat and kill a fellow co-worker. As bad as people can be, life is not a Quentin Tarantino movie for the vast majority of us. However, being bullied and choosing to end your life because of it is a bit more common. Just search online for “bullying” and “suicide” and you’ll see just how common and startling this situation is.

Joan Treppa has been for years a citizen advocate for the six men wrongfully convicted in the death of Tom Monfils.

Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, I will post as much information about the case and its current developments as possible. Besides, so often the statements of those people who believe the “Monfils Six” are guilty and have received exactly what they deserve are so ludicrous that I’m more than happen to post them. Listen to former DA (and current judge) John Zakowski’s statement from the documentary Beyond Human Nature (beginning at 1:09 of the teaser trailer below) about how “circumstantial evidence is, many times, more powerful than direct evidence…” You mean to tell me that in a murder case, which can lead to the death penalty in some states, you don’t really need any actual hard evidence? How does the lack of actual physical evidence not constitute “a reasonable doubt,” which a prosecutor must prove beyond in a murder case? You can’t make this stuff up! He actually said that. Just watch.

I originally posted a lot of the information found here on MonfilsCase.com at my personal website, but the webpage got so bloated that I decided to create a dedicated site for the topic. I do admit that much of the information is harvested from other news sites, so it’s not exactly original material. However, I wanted MonfilsCase.com to be as user-friendly and searchable as I could possibly design it. Searching online for all of this information is not convenient because it’s typically not in chronological order and, as a result, is often presented out of context. Another reason I gather all the information (re-posting the text with the link to the original news posting) is that so often the news agency performs a website re-design and then all of the links I post become broken. Very annoying and essentially prohibits you from getting the information for which you are searching.

Thanks for checking out the site. I hope it enables you to become a bit more educated on the topic of wrongful convictions. They occur far too often, and they usually happen to regular people like you or me. Convicting an innocent person does nothing to make society safer or healthier. In fact it only serves to destroy the fabric of our communities. Most people who are wrongly convicted believe that the system works and the truth will set them free. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, so stay sharp, remain vigilant, and never assume that someone else will be there to save you.