Videos & Audio Files

Interview with Citizen Advocate Joan Treppa (March 9, 2015)

An audio interview between Charlotte View Internet Radio hosted on Blog Talk Radio and citizen advocate Joan Treppa and her work on The Monfils Case.

The episode is titled Charlotte View: Joan Treppa, the ‘Erin Brockovich’ of the Wrongfully Convicted.

Also featured on the program is private investigator Johnny Johnson and the step-daughter of Michael Johnson (one of the convicted men) Joan Van Houten.

Audio Interview with Citizen Advocate Joan Treppa (February 25, 2015)

An audio interview between citizen advocate Joan Treppa and Alex Okoroji of The Naked Talk on Blog Talk Radio.

The episode is titled A Voice for the Hopeless with Joan Treppa.

The interview discusses Joan’s experience as a citizen advocate for the wrongfully convicted men of the Monfils’ Case.

Also featured in the interview are call-ins by retired private investigator Johnny Johnson (who has provided pro bono services for the case) and Joan Van Houten, the step-daughter of Michael Johnson, one of the convicted men.

Audio Interview with Citizen Advocate Joan Treppa (June 19, 2014)

An audio interview between Blog Talk Radio‘s Suzanne Wigginton via her Souls Aloft podcast and citizen advocate Joan Treppa.

The episode is titled Follow Your Passions… Find Your Purpose with Joan Treppa.

The interview focuses on Joan’s process of becoming a citizen advocate for wrongfully convicted persons, specifically with regard to her involvement in the Tom Monfils Case.

Susan Monfils Drops Civil Lawsuit Against Seven of Tom Monfils’ Co-workers (circa 2012)

Tom Monfils’ wife, Susan, dropped the civil lawsuit she filed against seven of Tom Monfils’ co-workers. This occurred prior to criminal charges being filed against six of the co-workers (Keith Kutska, Mike Piaskowski, Dale Basten, Michael Johnson, Michael Hirn, and Rey Moore).

Benefit for Innocence Fundraiser (October 17, 2013)

The Benefit for Innocence fundraiser hosted by the Innocence Project of Minnesota that featured guest speaker Brian Banks, an exoneree and NFL hopeful.

People integral to the re-investigation of the Monfils Case that attended the event included Joan Treppa, Johnny Johnson, John Gaie, Mike Piaskowski (the only man in the Monfils Case to have been exonerated to-date), and Steve Kaplan. Also, exonerees Audrey Edmunds and Damon Thibodeaux, both currently living in Minnesota, were there to show support for the organization and its mission.